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Video editorMotion designer

Few things about me:

  • make videos
  • make motion graphics
  • self-critical guy with sense of humor
  • hate to write resumes

Even more about me
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Video Editing

Yes. I’m highly experienced in editing corporate/music videos, youtube shows and any moving pictures.

… also, i’m kinda over-experienced in editing of anything about cars.
So you certainty should contact me if you need to edit any kind of automotive video.

Cutting, image/color correction, grading, stabilisation, tracking, syncing, clean up, multicam editing etc.

I don’t just know all of these words. I actually do all these things.

I edit videos and create moving stuff for about 15 years.
12 years i’m doing it professionally.

Started with editing of small advertisements on local TV station with Adobe Premiere 6.x now i mostly edit corporate videos and youtube shows in Final Cut Pro X + Resolve + Motion configuration.  If editing in Resolve is mandatory it’s absolutely ok.

Yes, shockingly i’ve almost drop off using Premiere and After Effects in my job and don’t see any reasons to turn back.

  • ✓  Yes, i can edit your video
  • ✓  Yes, i can work with FCPX, Premiere and Resolve projects 
  • ✓  Yes, i can edit both in FCPX and Resolve if needed
  • ✕  No, i won’t do it for $5
  • ✓  Yes, in special cases i can edit for free if  i’ll like your project
  • ✓  Yes, i can work with you on long-term basis 

Motion Design

For more than 5 years i create motion graphics and FCPX plugins for my clients projects.

Infographics, titles, lower thirds, logo reveals, broadcast motion design packages, Apple Motion templates, exclusive title\transition\effect packages for Final Cut Pro X.

I professionally create custom FCPX Plugins and Motion templates for about 6 years.

My goal is to make all of my projects as much as possible ready to use. It means all what you need after you get your plugin is customise it and render. I’m trying to create things which will be really helpful and user-friendly for editors and make their job a little bit easier.

One of the reason why i edit mostly in FCPX + Motion configuration it’s because of opportunity to create and deliver to client graphic elements (such as titles, lower thirds etc.) in a fastest way, with ability to customise and modify them on fly if needed directly in FCPX timeline.

  • ✓  Yes, i can make exclusive custom titles, graphics or any other motion elements.
  • ✓  Yes, i can make exclusive customisable Final Cut Plugin for you.
  • ✕  No, i won’t rebuild someone else’s project. Respect artists.
  • ✓  Yes, i can animate your logo or made reveal video.
  • ✕  No, i won’t use stealed AE or Motion projects for this. Respect artists.
  • ✓  Yes, i can work with you on long-term basis 
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